A New Beginning

There are always second chances, third and fourth even. So here I am again, betting my nth chance at blogging. A new beginning to start afresh just like fireworks on a new year.

Now. April is coming and we all know it’s both mine and hub’s birth month. And right now, I have no idea what to do about giveaways and contests or just giving to the community. You might think that I’m a wannabe helper or a trying hard copycat who wants to show off by helping people. But no. It’s a mere resolution. It’s plain helping, no hidden vendettas. I gotta think fast on that. Or maybe you could save me the time and help me with ideas to help others? 🙂

Another thing is that my writing skills are slowly deteriorating and it’s ugly. One of my goals in 2016 is to improve my writing soul. And blogging while reading and writing with pen and paper are my present solution.

And then there’s drama. Life as we know it has its own way of digging into us with all its dramatical errors to shape us or just to mess with us. With this, I am on the hunt for an odd dramatic life story to share with the world. Do you have one? Feel free to send me a mail (oh I love emails!) and we’ll talk about it.


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