“a state or situation in which you are alone usually because you want to be”

Was there a time that you wanted to be alone? For writers and readers I know there are a lot of times and that is often or better yet it is expected of them to want to be alone. And that includes me, even with all the “being a mom” times.

If there was a time that you wanna be alone, why and what are you thinking about or what are you doing during your moments of solitude?

I draw, I write, I read, I evaluate, I imagine, I plan. But most of the time I think of things and I think of the unthinkable things. I write them down and I never reread what I have written. I’d rather let someone read it and react to it than me reading it and feeling awkward. Ha ha. All that I have done while I am in solitude, I have done with my mind far from criticizing it. So I don’t check or go over what was created. I don’t even look for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

I love being in solitude. I love it even more before I became a mom. It calms my stubborn self. It inspires me to write and daze off with my wildest imaginations. It pushes me to think of problems and solutions. It is what makes me the woman I am inside this body.

How about you? What do you think about Solitude?

Not to intrude with your thoughts on that, but here’s a few of what caught my eye for today’s prompt

Luxury of being alone

story time! are you ready?

sweet solitude

Alone is not always Lonely

My Reality Check


The following is pure fiction. It is the first thing that popped into me while I was reminiscing how addicted I am to anime. Hahaha. Please…bear with me and my craziness.


Break that mask!
Break that unbearable mask of yours!
I shall slice it with my katana and you shall never be able to recreate it!

(Mask breaks in half and falls off the wooden floor)

Your mask. So thick yet fragile. So colorful yet dull. So beautiful… but this has to end here. The destruction of your mask will be the undoing of your created world. Be the person you have to be. Come and I shall embrace your fears. Come and I shall protect your face. Come and I shall give my all until you have grown strong that you won’t need me anymore. Come and I shall stand as your mask if that is what you want. Just don’t hide from me. Don’t hide from that wooden mask of yours.

My faves for today’s prompt

Connie’s World

An Ocean of Masks

Let’s Burn Our Masks and have some fun!

The Masked…One!

A Mask of ice

Masked & Anonymous

At 24


“What will happen to you if you do not celebrate?” she asked. “Nothing?” I answered while thinking about it. “So it’s okay not to, ” she smiled. Oh. Wow. I’ve got nothing to lose anyway, I thought.

People come and go as we age and grow up and old and about. As of now I have lost quite a few people, them spilling on my fingers I cannot hold them tight and close to me. But I am thankful for the big heart God has given me that I am capable of loving and taking care of a lot more people than I imagined.

Turning on a new page, a new chapter of my life, I want to change the introverted me. I want to move forward with strength and bravery. I want to walk with confidence and pride on my shoulders. I want to be me, the different me that no one knows yet. I want to love more and care more and be more for all the people I hold dear.

A lot has changed this past year and a lot has happened. I’ve met some new friends and acquaintances, some new enemies and haters. But nevertheless I met the different “me” along the way. And with that said, I want to know more about that “me” before anything else.

Oh my I am getting old. That is no joke. And look at me, still childish at heart and with a granny’s words of wisdom. I know a few things, a bit of everything and quite a lot about being human and not human. Okay, okay. Enough with the rants. Let’s move to letter sharing.


Dear You/Strangers,

Thank you for loving my blog even if it is still new. Thank you for liking my uncontrollable ramblings. Thank you for being there, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. Strange as it may seem but I love you. Yes you. Aren’t you used to people telling you that? Better get used to it with me. That is all I can say to you right now.

Love, Jen.

My day was great. Had breakfast with my friends from the Zumba Community; Then lunch with mom and our quiet yet kind mentor; and Family Dinner at grandma’s. Why so plain and not so detailed? Because I cannot explain how happy this year’s birthday has been. Although, I miss my gang Christine and Walter. I miss them so much I wish they were here.

Okay. Ahem.

Birthday Wishes?

I wish for a certain man to have peace of mind, that he would be able to find joy in his life with the path he chose to take. That he would not regret anything and that he would be content.
I wish that I meet more people that I could care about be it near or far away from me. Because I want to. And because I love “love”.

I love “Love” itself that being as such, I am inclined to situations I sometimes cannot handle. But that’s okay.



One year older, one year has passed. The crossroads I have to take, the crossroads I already took. More decisions to make, more options to choose from. I guess being a year older than your age makes a lot of difference inside than anyone would think of. I’ll make today’s post short because I got a lot of things in my head right now that I have to make another post in a while…

Meanwhile, here’s my today’s prompt faves…

I think I ought to be vulnerable

Your Decision matters to me more than anything

Letters make sense, actually, it does in every way


faust thinking in a daze

Autumn’s Crossroads, the path I wanna sneak a peek from




Locked. From the inside out.
Locked. By a protective heart.
Locked. Far away in a castle deep in the forest.
Locked. In chains and bandages.
Locked. Due to obsessions.
Locked. By force or by desire.
Locked. In many other ways.
Locked. Due to blood bonds and ritual ties.
Locked. Like a cuckoo heart.
Locked. So many times in different centuries.
Locked. For security and possession.
Locked. Tremendously in a fashionable way.
Locked. And now haunting you in your dreams.
Locked. In a closet scratching its way out.
Locked. In a funny way.
Locked. And making creepy noises in the dark.
Locked. To be saved, rescued from prison.
Locked. To measure a life’s worth.
Locked. To test the brave and courageous.
Locked. In a cell, crying for bail.
Locked. Like a parrot in its cage, repeating its master’s words.
Locked. Like no other.

I cannot think of anything about today’s  prompt. So here are some that caught my eye.

Locked by a Feline, imagining what you look like when that is happening right now. haha.

hmmm, all the flavors locked inside

like a steel strap–rusted

keys to unlock whatever is hidden

locked-the newness of it all

Remojiv’s Face


She woke up, still dazed by her fantasies of a man she does not even know how he looked like.

In her head was a figure of a tall muscled man, with a built of a guy who’s often in a gym. In her head he was a knight in shining armor who’ll run to her in no time as soon as she calls for him. He was a fairy tale in her own reality. He was a diplomat. A Shakespeare kind of man.

Her day passes just like that, thinking of the face of the man who swept her feet in a glimpse. Still uncertain of the facts and how the real reality will clash, she let herself dream of a man she even isn’t sure if he was real.




“I love fashion but I don’t have style.”

So what would you expect in a closet of this kind of person? Messy, no reflection of who I really am. But I do love the greys, the blacks, the reds, and the whites.
From time to time I clean up the closet, keeping just the colors I mentioned. But later on, I find my closet full of rainbow colored blouses and dresses. I keep wondering why that is always the case. And then I clean it up again with just the greys, blacks, reds, and whites. And then again. So imagine my shame when I read today’s prompt and cannot share a whole picture of what’s inside my closet. I am laughing out loud on my bed right now, trying not to tempt myself of taking a picture of it despite the messiness of it all. Ha ha ha.

This might be a little late, but here are my fave posts…

so maybe I need A Little Spring Cleaning, again

from your Prayer Closet

Organization is the key word in every post in here too, right?

i always knew it was the boys that rang my bell

just like you, closets are close to my heart

Remojiv’s Note


Once upon a summer day he sent a mail that shocked her through her bones. She wasn’t expecting what was sent to her and her brain was again, messed up.

 you are easy to talk with and if it comes to our relationship that we would argue, I know you’ll be grumpy but at your back you’re listening and figuring things wisely. You’re an open minded woman and that’s the quality that attracts me more on you…you consider things beyond their complexity. You’re smart, beautiful, and interesting…I like you to know, I really like you already.

The note engraved in the scroll, the hot cheeks she wanted to hide, all emotions burning inside of her, revealed to no one but the walls of her chamber. She was glad that no one was there watching her guilt wash over those melting eyes she has now after reading the letter. She sat down on her table and half asleep, she imagined a romantic conversation continuing the letter…

“what do I say to that?” she asked, her face numb but her heart pounding inside.

“nothing…just let me be…” he whispered.

“but you might be having an illusion. this–this could not be possible. I am a nobody. I am not worthy of your interest,”she protested.

“I have a job but women, not at this moment. I’m expecting this one girl I like but she seems confused.”

Her heart was beating fast. Her butt on the edge of her chair, her wine almost spilled on the table. And her brain said “Huw AAAA AAT?” she shook her head and pinched herself. this is not happening. this is not true, this cannot be. she thought. she crumpled the letter and put it in the trash. she stared at it and got it back, folded it nicely and kept it under her pillow. I think I am going insane, she sighed.



It’s funny when you realize that your life can change in a snap. And that you are in complete control of it. That you keep blaming things when in actuality you’re the one making it all happen. But though your life changes, your views on life changes, your attitude, and characteristics does not really change. You’re still that silly stubborn person that you are, facing all the changes that are happening within you.

You might think that I’m talking about me. You may be right, but you may also be wrong. Because I am talking, in general, thinking about all those people who decided to change their lives in a snap.

We often complain about the people who offend us, who defy us, who hurt us. We complain about out dirty society, our corrupt government. But we never complained about ourselves. My point is that, view and review yourself before judging the whole world for your thoughts. And, change your views in the world.In a snap.

Hoping that today’s prompt makes you a better person. Here’s what I found interesting…

on turning pages of life, of books, of everything

you and me of all things good and fancy

fill up your own cup ’cause nobody’s gonna do that for ya, you know

those eyes, so fragile, so transparent

and just like that, snap! he was dead. – whispers in the wind



What is “Friendship”? This is a very broad topic for me due to the unlimited things I could think of when we’re talking about Friendship. Now am not talking about plain “hi-and-hellos” and “what’s-your-name-and-number” thing. This is different. This is something deeper, more precious than your shining jewelry you wear all over your body.

Friendship is something you cannot buy (well,we all know that) but to some it does not seem so. It is not something you could just blunder around. It is not just a connection, a consistent communication. It is not just knowing about someone’s contact details and whereabouts. It is not a game nor a gamble. It never was a mere physical connection.

Then what is it???

As I have said, I cannot explain it in details as I am not qualified to discuss it publicly so. What I am about to tell you about Friendship will either think of me as a lunatic or just…I don’t know. (Just leave this page and go.)

Meeting new people. Knowing every single thing about them. Like where do you live? How do you do things? What are your desires? What do you fear? What are you capable of? What do you think of me? What are your dreams? What is your daily routine? Hobbies? What do you eat? What do you read? And all those questions answerable by paragraphs while having a cup of coffee in a cozy homey coffee shop even if you are not certain that the one you are talking to loves coffee like you do.

Now that’s the surface of it. You start off with those. Between the questions, the line of thoughts, you share yours. Whether you are alike or the complete opposite. Whether you have the same fears and desires or not. The sharing itself is the beginning of everything. The main point is that, you have something to share. You connect with the person in a different level. But it does not end there. It does not mean that you’re already friends. Because you have to know the people around that person. The people whom he or she shares him or her secrets,his or her life, his or her everything. You have to know what makes him or her exist. You have to go up or down to his or her level of thinking, you have to feel what he or she feels. Because only at that moment will you have the chance to ask him or her if he or she would want you as a friend.

Oh yes! You don’t gain friends just by smiling and knowing where they live and how they spend their times. You simply ask in the right time, right moment, at the right place.

I don’t know about you but for me, Friendship is a big deal.