"a state or situation in which you are alone usually because you want to be" Was there a time that you wanted to be alone? For writers and readers I know there are a lot of times and that is often or better yet it is expected of them to want to be alone. And that includes me, even with all... Continue Reading →

The following is pure fiction. It is the first thing that popped into me while I was reminiscing how addicted I am to anime. Hahaha. Please...bear with me and my craziness. ------->> Break that mask! Break that unbearable mask of yours! I shall slice it with my katana and you shall never be able to... Continue Reading →

"What will happen to you if you do not celebrate?" she asked. "Nothing?" I answered while thinking about it. "So it's okay not to, " she smiled. Oh. Wow. I've got nothing to lose anyway, I thought. People come and go as we age and grow up and old and about. As of now I have lost... Continue Reading →

One year older, one year has passed. The crossroads I have to take, the crossroads I already took. More decisions to make, more options to choose from. I guess being a year older than your age makes a lot of difference inside than anyone would think of. I'll make today's post short because I got... Continue Reading →

Locked. From the inside out. Locked. By a protective heart. Locked. Far away in a castle deep in the forest. Locked. In chains and bandages. Locked. Due to obsessions. Locked. By force or by desire. Locked. In many other ways. Locked. Due to blood bonds and ritual ties. Locked. Like a cuckoo heart. Locked. So... Continue Reading →

She woke up, still dazed by her fantasies of a man she does not even know how he looked like. In her head was a figure of a tall muscled man, with a built of a guy who's often in a gym. In her head he was a knight in shining armor who'll run to... Continue Reading →


"I love fashion but I don't have style." So what would you expect in a closet of this kind of person? Messy, no reflection of who I really am. But I do love the greys, the blacks, the reds, and the whites. From time to time I clean up the closet, keeping just the colors... Continue Reading →

Remojiv’s Note

Once upon a summer day he sent a mail that shocked her through her bones. She wasn't expecting what was sent to her and her brain was again, messed up.  you are easy to talk with and if it comes to our relationship that we would argue, I know you'll be grumpy but at your... Continue Reading →

It's funny when you realize that your life can change in a snap. And that you are in complete control of it. That you keep blaming things when in actuality you're the one making it all happen. But though your life changes, your views on life changes, your attitude, and characteristics does not really change.... Continue Reading →

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