When Does Your Week Start?

know when to start your week

When does your week start? Does it start on a Sunday or a Monday? We all have calendars but we don’t usually follow how it looks like. Is there a general rule on how to choose the day that your week begins?

I’m dazzled. I am overwhelmed.

God created the earth in seven days, people believing the 7th day as the rest day which is a Sunday and the first day God created the world is on a Monday. Yet some people start their weeks on a Sunday. Some on a Monday. But why? Why Sunday? Why Monday?

I used to think that way too. Sundays are rest days. Family day. Going-to-Church Day. I should be doing all the important routines and all the things that should be done on Mondays. Because if I do not, I won’t be able to do them for the whole week. What’s on my mind is that everything that I did on Monday repeats for the whole week. If I’m early on Monday, I will be early for the whole week for all the meetings or appointments that I have. If I was late on a Monday, pretty sure the whole week is going to be a late-week. And then I found out about people who forgot about resting. About family days and church days. About routines and break times. About following rules and remembering the past. Everybody seemed to be focused on jobs, chores, things that must be done. All for work, all for nothing. All for money, all for the better good (or, at least, that’s what you ordinary people thought). I am not saying that you are wrong. I mean you are absolutely right. Earn more for the better good. For your better good.

Note: I am not picking a fight with employees here. I am pro-employee. I am also anti-employee. I am in the middle. Always. I hope you don’t get your noses smoke over your screens while reading.

My point is that…whatever the week starts with, for you, it does not really matter. As long as you know what day it starts for you. As long as you still know when a family day is. As long as you know when to rest, when to go to church, and when to just have fun. Because that is what really matters. Because when you know when your week starts, that when you are truly aware of these things, then you are living 1/4 of your life. It’s just the beginning.

If you do not still know when does your week start, better stare at that calendar and decide when will your week begin. Not so sure about it? That’s what experiments are made of. Try it for a week or two and if it doesn’t work for you, ditch and change. You have a long way to go.

What day does your week start? Let me know, alright? 🙂


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