There goes my mind, faraway and beyond my reach.

What am I thinking this late at night? What am I doing listening to Owl City and with a blank look on my eyes? I am uncertain. Not so sure about what happened today. I guess I wasted another day and gave a waste on thinking about nothing but to please the people whom I want to. Was that a mistake? I think so too.

Faraway. My mind is. From my body, it is miles away from me. My mind is in the U.S.A. with my family, roaming around, playing, and having the best days of my life. So yeah you could not blame me from taking my mind off my body for a few hours. I cannot wait for our dream to travel to come true in any moment. I just have to act you know. I just have to do things right.

So here is another ramble going on on WordPress, going along with Daily Post prompts just because I cannot think of any other things to write about. So yes, my mind is faraway and beyond my reach. And I would like to share a few that I liked with today’s prompt..

touching story on A Land Far Away

while thinking of that escape to that faraway happy place for a while..

and dreaming of A Faraway Kingdom

imagining a Sakura in my backyard

where everything is transparent but Hiding in plain sight


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