Always at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I cannot count how many of the circumstances in my life did this statement hold truth in me but it does. At times I just become speechless and numb with the realization that those words are sinking in with my reality. I cannot enumerate them for you, I cannot explain even one event. I do not know how to describe it details but I am pretty sure that some of you might feel this too.

For today’s prompt, I got nothing else to say. I just want to share that statement. But nonetheless there are a few posts I would like to highlight and maybe you’d find them amazing to read too…

Walking Away by The Foxy Igorota, my fellow Igorot

i am misplaced

Time…so precious…(Smiggle’s voice)

The Case of the Misplaced Shoe

Overwhelming Odds, with a personal touch

Misplaced Meanderings


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