What is “Friendship”? This is a very broad topic for me due to the unlimited things I could think of when we’re talking about Friendship. Now am not talking about plain “hi-and-hellos” and “what’s-your-name-and-number” thing. This is different. This is something deeper, more precious than your shining jewelry you wear all over your body.

Friendship is something you cannot buy (well,we all know that) but to some it does not seem so. It is not something you could just blunder around. It is not just a connection, a consistent communication. It is not just knowing about someone’s contact details and whereabouts. It is not a game nor a gamble. It never was a mere physical connection.

Then what is it???

As I have said, I cannot explain it in details as I am not qualified to discuss it publicly so. What I am about to tell you about Friendship will either think of me as a lunatic or just…I don’t know. (Just leave this page and go.)

Meeting new people. Knowing every single thing about them. Like where do you live? How do you do things? What are your desires? What do you fear? What are you capable of? What do you think of me? What are your dreams? What is your daily routine? Hobbies? What do you eat? What do you read? And all those questions answerable by paragraphs while having a cup of coffee in a cozy homey coffee shop even if you are not certain that the one you are talking to loves coffee like you do.

Now that’s the surface of it. You start off with those. Between the questions, the line of thoughts, you share yours. Whether you are alike or the complete opposite. Whether you have the same fears and desires or not. The sharing itself is the beginning of everything. The main point is that, you have something to share. You connect with the person in a different level. But it does not end there. It does not mean that you’re already friends. Because you have to know the people around that person. The people whom he or she shares him or her secrets,his or her life, his or her everything. You have to know what makes him or her exist. You have to go up or down to his or her level of thinking, you have to feel what he or she feels. Because only at that moment will you have the chance to ask him or her if he or she would want you as a friend.

Oh yes! You don’t gain friends just by smiling and knowing where they live and how they spend their times. You simply ask in the right time, right moment, at the right place.

I don’t know about you but for me, Friendship is a big deal.


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