It’s funny when you realize that your life can change in a snap. And that you are in complete control of it. That you keep blaming things when in actuality you’re the one making it all happen. But though your life changes, your views on life changes, your attitude, and characteristics does not really change. You’re still that silly stubborn person that you are, facing all the changes that are happening within you.

You might think that I’m talking about me. You may be right, but you may also be wrong. Because I am talking, in general, thinking about all those people who decided to change their lives in a snap.

We often complain about the people who offend us, who defy us, who hurt us. We complain about out dirty society, our corrupt government. But we never complained about ourselves. My point is that, view and review yourself before judging the whole world for your thoughts. And, change your views in the world.In a snap.

Hoping that today’s prompt makes you a better person. Here’s what I found interesting…

on turning pages of life, of books, of everything

you and me of all things good and fancy

fill up your own cup ’cause nobody’s gonna do that for ya, you know

those eyes, so fragile, so transparent

and just like that, snap! he was dead. – whispers in the wind


One thought on “Snap

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