Remojiv’s Note


Once upon a summer day he sent a mail that shocked her through her bones. She wasn’t expecting what was sent to her and her brain was again, messed up.

 you are easy to talk with and if it comes to our relationship that we would argue, I know you’ll be grumpy but at your back you’re listening and figuring things wisely. You’re an open minded woman and that’s the quality that attracts me more on you…you consider things beyond their complexity. You’re smart, beautiful, and interesting…I like you to know, I really like you already.

The note engraved in the scroll, the hot cheeks she wanted to hide, all emotions burning inside of her, revealed to no one but the walls of her chamber. She was glad that no one was there watching her guilt wash over those melting eyes she has now after reading the letter. She sat down on her table and half asleep, she imagined a romantic conversation continuing the letter…

“what do I say to that?” she asked, her face numb but her heart pounding inside.

“nothing…just let me be…” he whispered.

“but you might be having an illusion. this–this could not be possible. I am a nobody. I am not worthy of your interest,”she protested.

“I have a job but women, not at this moment. I’m expecting this one girl I like but she seems confused.”

Her heart was beating fast. Her butt on the edge of her chair, her wine almost spilled on the table. And her brain said “Huw AAAA AAT?” she shook her head and pinched herself. this is not happening. this is not true, this cannot be. she thought. she crumpled the letter and put it in the trash. she stared at it and got it back, folded it nicely and kept it under her pillow. I think I am going insane, she sighed.


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