“I love fashion but I don’t have style.”

So what would you expect in a closet of this kind of person? Messy, no reflection of who I really am. But I do love the greys, the blacks, the reds, and the whites.
From time to time I clean up the closet, keeping just the colors I mentioned. But later on, I find my closet full of rainbow colored blouses and dresses. I keep wondering why that is always the case. And then I clean it up again with just the greys, blacks, reds, and whites. And then again. So imagine my shame when I read today’s prompt and cannot share a whole picture of what’s inside my closet. I am laughing out loud on my bed right now, trying not to tempt myself of taking a picture of it despite the messiness of it all. Ha ha ha.

This might be a little late, but here are my fave posts…

so maybe I need A Little Spring Cleaning, again

from your Prayer Closet

Organization is the key word in every post in here too, right?

i always knew it was the boys that rang my bell

just like you, closets are close to my heart


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