Locked. From the inside out.
Locked. By a protective heart.
Locked. Far away in a castle deep in the forest.
Locked. In chains and bandages.
Locked. Due to obsessions.
Locked. By force or by desire.
Locked. In many other ways.
Locked. Due to blood bonds and ritual ties.
Locked. Like a cuckoo heart.
Locked. So many times in different centuries.
Locked. For security and possession.
Locked. Tremendously in a fashionable way.
Locked. And now haunting you in your dreams.
Locked. In a closet scratching its way out.
Locked. In a funny way.
Locked. And making creepy noises in the dark.
Locked. To be saved, rescued from prison.
Locked. To measure a life’s worth.
Locked. To test the brave and courageous.
Locked. In a cell, crying for bail.
Locked. Like a parrot in its cage, repeating its master’s words.
Locked. Like no other.

I cannot think of anything about today’s  prompt. So here are some that caught my eye.

Locked by a Feline, imagining what you look like when that is happening right now. haha.

hmmm, all the flavors locked inside

like a steel strap–rusted

keys to unlock whatever is hidden

locked-the newness of it all


One thought on “Locked

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