The following is pure fiction. It is the first thing that popped into me while I was reminiscing how addicted I am to anime. Hahaha. Please…bear with me and my craziness.


Break that mask!
Break that unbearable mask of yours!
I shall slice it with my katana and you shall never be able to recreate it!

(Mask breaks in half and falls off the wooden floor)

Your mask. So thick yet fragile. So colorful yet dull. So beautiful… but this has to end here. The destruction of your mask will be the undoing of your created world. Be the person you have to be. Come and I shall embrace your fears. Come and I shall protect your face. Come and I shall give my all until you have grown strong that you won’t need me anymore. Come and I shall stand as your mask if that is what you want. Just don’t hide from me. Don’t hide from that wooden mask of yours.

My faves for today’s prompt

Connie’s World

An Ocean of Masks

Let’s Burn Our Masks and have some fun!

The Masked…One!

A Mask of ice

Masked & Anonymous


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