“a state or situation in which you are alone usually because you want to be”

Was there a time that you wanted to be alone? For writers and readers I know there are a lot of times and that is often or better yet it is expected of them to want to be alone. And that includes me, even with all the “being a mom” times.

If there was a time that you wanna be alone, why and what are you thinking about or what are you doing during your moments of solitude?

I draw, I write, I read, I evaluate, I imagine, I plan. But most of the time I think of things and I think of the unthinkable things. I write them down and I never reread what I have written. I’d rather let someone read it and react to it than me reading it and feeling awkward. Ha ha. All that I have done while I am in solitude, I have done with my mind far from criticizing it. So I don’t check or go over what was created. I don’t even look for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

I love being in solitude. I love it even more before I became a mom. It calms my stubborn self. It inspires me to write and daze off with my wildest imaginations. It pushes me to think of problems and solutions. It is what makes me the woman I am inside this body.

How about you? What do you think about Solitude?

Not to intrude with your thoughts on that, but here’s a few of what caught my eye for today’s prompt

Luxury of being alone

story time! are you ready?

sweet solitude

Alone is not always Lonely

My Reality Check


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