Cheers to the day that I can buy myself a Vintage Classic Red Wine of my own! Yes. I am looking forward to that day. Because by then can I enjoy the luxury of drinking red wine in a wine glass while listening to classical music and reading a book or just my... Continue Reading →

A blank page.A blank mind. A blank brain. We all go through this some times. And more often than not, for most thinkers. I go through this a lot of times because my brain is working 26/7. Yes, that is reality. But whenever you have some blank moments, you need to stop and embrace it.... Continue Reading →

Everything is countless! Unlimited! Problems, arguments, doubts, chaos, politics, wars, hatred, anger, revenge, ignorance...and many other things from the dark side. But so are... Blessings, opportunities, chances, love, friendships, relationships, care, knowledge, understanding, courage, strength, motivation, inspiration...and many other things from the bright side. It all depends on you. It depends what and how you... Continue Reading →

A grain of thought, for you and for me and the entire human race... Am a little off today because I was thinking about how open I was with the world, just recently. I am surprised and nearly paralised with the thought that I haven't been myself while being myself altogether. How's that? I am... Continue Reading →

We come through many phases and in each phase is a different face. There's a phase where you're looking for yourself, looking for who you are and what you're made for. There's a phase where you are so in love with something but after that phase it wouldn't really matter to you that as if... Continue Reading →

Saga: a long and complicated story with many details; a long and complicated series of events So would it be nice and fun to call my life a saga? Ha ha. A few things that I could tell you about the past that can be considered as part of my life saga... Because I am... Continue Reading →

First thing that pops out in mind: GoT. But we're not talking about that right now. haha. "When you're always going north then suddenly it brings you back to south due to an unexplainable reason" and you seem to like it for mysterious reasons. Rings a bell? Nope? Fine, whatever. South...North...opposites. Just like my Diverse... Continue Reading →

Let's say... Scale Modeling. I tried a gundam from the caravan at Toy Kingdom. I liked it. I enjoyed it. I never knew that I would be so into the work that I wanted to finish the details and all. Inside me, it is a...WOW! I am in love. And then comes the event. The... Continue Reading →

Haven't been posting lately and can only post short ones due to the overwhelming events that occurred in my life recently. All I can say is that... WOW!!!!!!!! My life has turned upside down last week and the past few days have proven to be such an adventure. I can only post a picture of... Continue Reading →

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