It seems so far away, the end of the stairway that we’re all climbing. It seems so distant that we often give up or rest for a while before continuing. There are even times when we thought we’ve reached the peak only to find out we still have a long way to go. We get disappointed. We get drained out of energy. We get lost at times. We pout and we cry. We stumble and get tired of continuing.

But I want to tell you that…never ever give up. Even when you’re out of breath. Even when you’re bruised and your knees are shaking. Even when you’re starving and hopeless.

Because that stairway has no end, actually. It is a continuous pathway and it was made for us to walk through. It does not really end unless you make it. It does not really end unless you’re 6 feet below the ground. It does not really end in the ways we expect it to. So why do you have to bother giving up when all you could do is enjoy the journey while it is still there. The only trick is to walk slowly and observe your surroundings. In observation, it is where we meet the people we have in our lives today. In observation, it is where we could truly see the purpose of the stairway that was uniquely made for us.


I hope this inspired you!

And so, my favorites from today’s prompt

the stairway of love, are you ready to take it?

love much?

take the stairs, it’s the most adventurous thing!

life is like a stairway

an old woman ni a booktower

have you seen the world’s most colourful stairway ?

feline stairs

looking down, i see you struggling and i laugh! haha



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