What kind of music do you listen to? What sounds drive you to do things and conquer the world?

This is a very broad topic that I do not want to discuss. Because it would take us a week talking about it if you talk about it with me. Play a song, sing a song, and all I’ll do is stare into the distance.

Play a song, sing a song, and all I’ll do is stare into the distance and draw away or write away. Be it hard metal, rock, pop, or jazz. Music makes me move. It makes me do the things I can’t usually do. It makes me go crazy. It sets my mood. And the sentimental that I am, every song you tell me has a meaning. Every song you dedicate to me or any song you suggest would mean something to me. Be it the lyrics or the tone or how it was presented. So I am very cautious when it comes to music and people. I give reasons to them even if it is not necessary. So, unless you have a message for me that you want to put it through music, please do not suggest anything. Just a friendly reminder. haha.


Never play the guitar. Never play the piano. In front of me. You would not want to see me daze off into space, thinking only about you and whatever you are playing…

My favorite musical posts from today’s prompt

Allison’s Written Words

I’ll listen to almost anything, yep that’s me…

when i can’t say it…i sing it…

the right music, the magic of this moment


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