“Scars. Scars. Scars. Scars. Scars.
The scars in your heart, dear. They are too deep to heal. It isn’t a normal wound. It isn’t a simple hit and run and you’re okay after a hospital visit. It isn’t something that people usually see. But I see you. Clear as ice.

I see your pain. I see those deep blue eyes searching for the beautiful sunset. I see those scars etched inside you. When I touch you I feel all the suffering. Your bruised palms. Your undeniable reaction of fear from touch. The great wall you have created around you. The vines you have covered it and the flowers that secretly bloomed for you. But you stayed inside that wall of yours. Unreadable scars. You have created a kingdom of isolation.

Let me hold you. Let me tear those walls little by little. Let me be the one to slowly and smoothly heal those scars. I am not doing this because I have to. I am here, and I am doing this because I want to. All you have to do is look at me and let me do the things that should be done. Those scars of yours shall be dry marks that we can easily ignore. Just trust me. And everything will be alright….”


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