Drafts Piled Up: Farewell, April

Drafts Piled Up is a series of draft posts that have been stuck in my dashboard for a while now. I have 60 drafts at the moment. I decided to post them now, without revising or editing them to the present tense, except editing them for the post series introductions.

This Farewell April post is from a year ago.

drafts piled up

Dear April,

You are a wonderful month, that is no doubt. I thank you for giving me the best birthday yet!

From wardrobe changing to new dresses to new books to traveling in the north to meeting new people. Endless encounters. Endless handshakes and closed deals. Endless smiles. New music. Discovering new personalities. Discovering new ventures. From trying something new to making new friends. From acknowledging a different part of me to putting it aside and facing everything with pride instead. From brainstorming to partnerships. From favors to deeper conversations. And let the list keep on coming!

I had fun. I enjoyed every bit of it. Though three people are missing in action, I am still thankful for their presence. May you be near or far, I love you and I care for you.


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