hope: to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true

All of us have hope. All of us hopes for something, in many different aspects, in many different ways. If I’ll ask you what your hopes are, we wouldn’t be able to finish anything here. So let me ask you….what are you hoping for, right now? I mean right at this moment?

I had a long day. From looking for a stranger’s home to visiting a principal to our car being jammed on the street and us being wet from the heavy rain. I hoped for something to do, something to ponder about and guess what? An endless series or thread of thoughts about hope…

“A man can only hope for change but he never really thinks that there is a possibility. A man can only hope for love while knowing the circumstances of his actions when he moves the chess piece. A man can only hope for his peace of mind with the path he chooses yet deep in his heart he knows the truth. A man can only hope for hope to give him more of his ‘hope thoughts’ so he could hope for more and that he thinks that when his hopes are high, the possibility of his thoughts to become real is high. “

People does not actually stop hoping for things. We do not stop hoping. And because of that we live filled with hopes and needs, wants, and desires. We live like we’re always seeking for the impossible things. But that’s okay. I am not saying that that is a bad thing. I am merely observing…

Because I also have hopes of my own, higher than an average man can hope for.

Hope posts from today’s prompt

keep hope alive, keep the fire burning…

when a cat hopes, it is a Feline Hope

a Hope poem for the poetic

Hope is not a plan, it is something else definitely.

hope in vein

who’s also in search of hope?

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