A Voice in Her Head


So that is what it felt like…to be empty…to do things without feelings…to be consumed by the dark waters and come out empty handed. So that is what it feels like to be shoved up your ass, their eyes like spears pointed at you, their flimsy mouths smirked as they look at you suffering. Your pain, their happiness. Your struggles, their laughter. And your majesty is enjoying every bit of it, no doubt. You show a hint of a smile and they quiver. They fear your laughter. They despise your happy face. They would back out a little but their stance is in offensive. They are preparing to attack you. They are preparing to engage into a battle they know nothing about. They are merely pawns of your majesty. Just dogs who will obey what was ordered. They do not have remorse. No sense of humanity. No self judgement. Nothing. And that would be your strength. The moment they shake a bit, that is the time for your move. That is when you will show them the power of a woman. You will show them how a woman can move mountains, how a woman can bend anything. And you would not show any of these through your physical appearance but through your words. Your words will conquer them all. Your words will give the final order. And you shall be freed from your chains. And you shall be freed from your prison chamber. Because you hold the knife to your majesty’s neck. Because you hold the key to everything they need. They need you. They are like cubs who needs their mother. You are a true woman and a woman never wavers.


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