First thing that pops out in mind: GoT. But we’re not talking about that right now. haha.

“When you’re always going north then suddenly it brings you back to south due to an unexplainable reason” and you seem to like it for mysterious reasons. Rings a bell? Nope? Fine, whatever.

South…North…opposites. Just like my Diverse and another post. Oh well.

The northern lands here is a cold and windy place, with a lot of greens and zigzag roads while the southern lands are where the hot weather lies and the flat and steady streets are. The north is where I live, I breathe, I imagine things. The south is where the real city lies. It is where I come to spend a day or two or even a week of breathing in the bigger world, the bigger picture of what is real in the eyes of the city people.

I think that is all I can share for now. Still coping up with overwhelming events. Till our next long post.


My fave posts for today’s prompt

when love goes south, we come to our senses without realizing it

i might end up chasing the clouds

south coasts

the difference

north and south-the endless story

directions i have loved and continue to love


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