A Grain of Thought


A grain of thought, for you and for me and the entire human race…

Am a little off today because I was thinking about how open I was with the world, just recently. I am surprised and nearly paralised with the thought that I haven’t been myself while being myself altogether. How’s that? I am not sure. Anyways…

A grain of thought…

There’s a certain grain of thought that I would like to impart with the people I encounter. If only they would listen, if only they would believe, if only they would take risks. Then the world be a little less chaotic. Then life would be as simple as a yes or no series of events. So what is this I want them to have a knowledge of?

Open-mindedness to everything and taking risks is all worth it. It does not matter when you fall, when you fail. You just have to get up and move along to the next opportunity. The next chance of grabbing your dreams and living the way you wanted. Because life was made to fail and we were made to learn from it. But everyone seems to be so focused on the limited photographs of life that they ignore the ugly ones, they put them aside and move along to the known and common path. If only we all took the less-traveled path then it wpu;dn’t be called like that, then we would all be risk-takers and we would all learn from each other.

Now wouldn’t that be such a grain for everyone?


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