We come through many phases and in each phase is a different face. There’s a phase where you’re looking for yourself, looking for who you are and what you’re made for. There’s a phase where you are so in love with something but after that phase it wouldn’t really matter to you that as if you haven’t even liked that something that you loved. It’s just because you are in that phase that you were so in love with it. But it differs, in every person, whether a phase stays for just a while or if it stays longer than anticipated.

But whatever phase you are in right now, it only means you are improving. If you’re not, then something is wrong with you. Understanding phases, you need first to understand yourself. Without knowing who you are and what you are capable of, you wouldn’t understand the phases you’ve been through, the phases you’re facing, and the phases that you will be going through in the future.

In short, know yourself. Before anything else.

arrghh, so late for yesterday’s prompt, but posting it anyways…and here’s a few from around the world that posted about “phase”..

different moods of a rose

mojo phase

phases in life

lovely days, oh lovely days… (do you know that song?)

the best phase of my life



2 thoughts on “Phase

  1. Bill Withers? Yes. 🙂 Thanks! And I totally agree with your take on Phases. Knowing yourself is everything–and if you want to stay in love with something, know yourself enough to work to keep it. 🙂


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