Everything is countless! Unlimited!

Problems, arguments, doubts, chaos, politics, wars, hatred, anger, revenge, ignorance…and many other things from the dark side.

But so are…

Blessings, opportunities, chances, love, friendships, relationships, care, knowledge, understanding, courage, strength, motivation, inspiration…and many other things from the bright side.

It all depends on you. It depends what and how you see and deal with things, circumstances, events. You hold what is countless for you. You have control on your angels and demons. And sometimes we may not notice that either consumes us more than we planned it to. But whether it does go beyond our limits or not, we have the final card. We choose whether it should stop now or let it go on.

My mind is afloat, again. When is it not, anyways? I drift from our house to the plain fields kissed by the rising sun. On the road, I hear voices. And they’re talking about how useless a certain person is. I ignore it. I tolerate everything. Not because I can but because I do not want to add the darkness inside. Countless are the times I go into silence. Countless are the nights I lie awake and think about how silent I should be, how calm should I be when I hear people complain. Countless are the things that bother me. I know some of you feel the same way. But countless are the solutions we all have. The world is so full of it that we have a remedy to the countless things that we have in our heads.

My point is…however countless the dark side is, do not ever forget that the night may be dark but the stars that shine so bright are countless that it may surpass the darkness by numbers.

And here we go with interesting finds for today’s prompt

how many times? countless! Haha!

countless blessings

Bob’s countless post


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