A blank page.A blank mind. A blank brain. We all go through this some times. And more often than not, for most thinkers. I go through this a lot of times because my brain is working 26/7. Yes, that is reality.

But whenever you have some blank moments, you need to stop and embrace it. Do not force to work. Do not force to be the opposite of blank. Because if you do, it is when you’ll get exhausted and say you’re done with what you are doing. And that isn’t always good.

So what to do at times of blankness?

Listen to music. There’s a great deal of music you can listen to boost your creativity, to get it flowing again, or just some chilling songs to let time pass.

Stare into the distant but make sure it’s nature you are facing. Nature gives the best relaxing aura you would ever need.

Spin something. Spin a pen, toss a coin, or play basketball. When you are doing this, your mind is looking at something that has a point of direction, that atleast would not get you lost track of what direction you want to take.

Eat. But not a lot. Or better yet go out and walk down the street of Food Street. Smell everything. From grilled pork to seafood burning, to the smell of onions and garlics. The sound of something cooking. The idea of cooking, of eating, without really doing it…you’ll get full and in no time your brain isn’t that blank anymore.

Fix. Organise. The room, the house, the kitchen, anything. There ain’t no better than cleaning and fixing things around when you don’t feel like writing or drawing or doing anything else.

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