Of Red Wines and Mondays


photo from: A Cup of Jo: 7 Tips for Ordering the Perfect Glass of Wine


Cheers to the day that I can buy myself a Vintage Classic Red Wine of my own!

Yes. I am looking forward to that day. Because by then can I enjoy the luxury of drinking red wine in a wine glass while listening to classical music and reading a book or just my eyes closed, thinking and imagining things, and not worrying about where the red wine came from, how much it cost me, and who’s gonna get angry at me for drinking wine on midday. If they do, I’ll say, “hey! I bought it. I decide when and where to drink it.” Huh.


still, from A Cup of Jo: A Trick for Choosing Wine


Anyways, I hope you started your week right. Mondays. I’m guessing a lot of you guys hate it, dread it, work day again, or whatever makes you hate Mondays much. But I love it. For reasons so obvious like it’s the start or another week, another set of adventures ahead, without knowing what’s coming. I love it because I know I can restart, refresh on anything I want to because it is a Monday. And with Mondays, new things come to life, new beginnings, new challenges, you name it!

First, I found out a new friend has four dogs! Isn’t that awesome?! I am definitely visiting the pets. ha ha. Sorry new friend, I guess I like pets more. hihi. Then there’s this weekly lunch meeting my mentor started last week. So this week is the second lunch meeting, held every Monday before or after eating lunch together. Today was the start of our training, even whether they realize it or not, but it was the beginning of a massive training for the group. My mentor was satisfied with the results and she is happy. Later today, we had another new member of the group, although she was already in, she was officially a member today. We were all happy. At home, we all had dinner together, the kids are happy, husband is happy, what more can I ask for? Ended the day with Game of Thrones episode 6 with hub. Great start for the week.

Still thinking of buying myself my own vintage red wine. or can I leave that to the one who can and would buy me a bottle? Ha ha.

How about you? How are you doing today? 🙂


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