She's looking outside her window again. She loves the warmth of the sun on her skin and the wind that splashes through her hair. She closes her eyes. It's a peaceful morning that isn't totally ready to be destroyed by the banging of the doors. She looks downtown and watch as random people walks by... Continue Reading →

That feeling when someone close to you had a hint of the reality and they keep going deeper for more. That feeling when someone you know begs for an explanation and a solution to their problem when they themselves are creating their own chaos. That feeling when someone you know brags about their achievements and... Continue Reading →

How can one understand a complicated mind? How can one tolerate a mind whose desires and wishes are out of the ordinary? How can one love and care for another with a wild and wide imagination? I can only laugh. There is no greater person than the one who can rstand, tolerate, and love a... Continue Reading →

Hello, how are you guys? I apologize for being absent from the Daily Posts lately. I've been prepping up my blog for something new. I will be launching two blogs soon! Two blogs as of now, because I think another one would come out of the blue. Yes, yes, starting a blog, and maintaining it... Continue Reading →

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