Smile 10,000 Times


Hello, how are you guys? I apologize for being absent from the Daily Posts lately. I’ve been prepping up my blog for something new. I will be launching two blogs soon! Two blogs as of now, because I think another one would come out of the blue.

Yes, yes, starting a blog, and maintaining it and all is not easy. Blogging is not easy. If you think it is not easy, then it will never be. Right? So what is with my title today? Ha ha. I just made my emotions at the moment my title. Yes, I am smiling and it feels like 10,000 smiles already. Why? Because I am about to launch a blog. Who would not love that? It does not matter how easy or difficult it is, I am doing what I want.

But of course, I won’t tell you what the blog url is right now. I am still doing some adjustments to it before everything else. Question? Will I still be around even with a self-hosted WordPress blog? Certainly. This is like my online Diary, from another world to yours. I wouldn’t want to just end the pages.

Anyways, catch you up later with more Daily Posts!


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