Understanding a Complicated Mind

Crazy woman

How can one understand a complicated mind? How can one tolerate a mind whose desires and wishes are out of the ordinary? How can one love and care for another with a wild and wide imagination?

I can only laugh. There is no greater person than the one who can rstand, tolerate, and love a person with a complicated mind and brain. Do you know anyone like that? I’d want to know someone like that, and I’d celebrate his or her rare personality.

Sorry, that’s all I can say for today’s prompt. My week ended with a hyped up brain here, again, so. I cannot think straight. Am only thinking about myself right now. I have to sleep. It is another page of my life in a few hours and I should be prepared for that. You should too.

But before you do whatever you are about to do, check out other posts for understanding…

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