A Faint Memory Buried


She’s looking outside her window again. She loves the warmth of the sun on her skin and the wind that splashes through her hair. She closes her eyes. It’s a peaceful morning that isn’t totally ready to be destroyed by the banging of the doors. She looks downtown and watch as random people walks by the market. She sees a girl hopping on her ballet shoes, dressed like a bunny. A man on a steel, heavy armor with makeup on. She smiles. Once again, her memories go back to that time when she was addicted to fiction…

On a rainy day when umbrellas weren’t famous and she was always seeking rest on the keep of shops, she met a guy she was quite drawn to. It isn’t her style, she reminded herself. But this guy kept on appearing before her. This guy kept showing himself that she grew fond of him. She stayed beside him and watched him. She went with him wherever he goes, pretending that she is not busy. She kept everything for herself and got so good at keeping it that it isn’t obvious anymore.

But time passes too fast. And experiences surpasses almost everything. Her brain gets drilled by circumstances, her mind influenced by the modern life. But feelings are not that easy to go. She still hoped that he felt the same way. And then he comes forward and confess his feelings. Time paused for her. What? She thought. Her body was shaking inside, her hands are numb. She does not know how to react. She does not know how she should respond to that. So she said instead, ” You’re not ready yet…” that was lame. Nice. Now you pushed him away and you’re not even doing anything to reverse it! She thought. She looked at him. His face blank. Oh no no no no, please please please don’t be like that. I did not mean anything that I just said. But she was too late. He stood up and continued what he was doing. But for her, he stood up and left.

That was the end of her fond memories of a childhood love. She never saw him again. She looked everywhere but he seems to have vanished after what she told him. She kept looking for a few more months but he was gone. She stopped then and buried what was left of his memories.

She opened her eyes and the streets below was still noisy. What wonderful times that was… she thought.


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