Hi, August!

Hi, August! Let’s start off with what blogs I do love to read as of the moment, shall we? 🙂

A Beautiful Mess, is where I read DIYs and go-to inspiration for office and home space. 
A Cup of Jo, is where I usuay read about travel, people, and parenting. When I feel uninspired, I just go to her blog, stroll a little, and then I finally have something in mind.
Kibin Cosme Blog, is my new best friend! Also I read his posts whenever I want to read something posted in our mother tongue/local language. 
Fat Mum Slim, I just love her #fmsphotoaday challenge every month. The way she says things makes me smile, every time.

 Now I’m excited to read more of what they will be sharing this month! 🙂



photo taken by me, little Veniz, Taguig

I admire you, yes you.

I may not have the perfect words to say,

I may not even have the license to admire.

But I do admire your complex mind.

Normal is boring, and I don’t really like simplicity.

When something is complicated,

When something is hard,

I admire it to the highest point. 

I love the challenge,

I love to solve it even without a solution.

Admiration for complexity.

That’s what I’ll call this thing I have for you.

Though my brain is haywire,

Though I may not be thinking straight right now,

I know that I admire you.

Just because.

There’s no specific reason at all.

I just admire you,

Yes, you.

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I don’t admire you, I just wish you had a hint.

most peaceful place on earth, at least for me that is.

politically screaming,, love it!

how far I’ve come

I Want Chinese ([Food])!


I want Chinese ([food] with a British accent)!!! (*but I actually want how the black says it )

I am watching Orange is The New Black right now and all I can think about is my own prison. I am a prisoner of art. I am a prisoner of words. I am a prisoner of difficult circumstances. Yes, I am and I admit it without blinking. I am writing today, trying to go against my craving for Chinese food. But then my craving for it gets worse as this typing gets longer than expected. I am avoiding the killer eyes of that person even after catching word daggers lately. Still, my body is shaking. When it comes to the most stressing matter I am the one that person sees. I am the one that person always sees as the target. Is my nose so red that makes me the easy target?

My left arm is shaking inside, pain and all from carrying a gallon of water after almost four years. Wow. Yes. That’s how long since I felt this way. The constant fear, the robotic actions I do due to obligation and responsibility.

And then rain. I would love to tell this in my mother tongue but I guess it would ruin this English-already-written words above. So…

And then rain. The sound of rain dropping on every leaf is magical. The sound of rain splashing on the streets is a rhythm syncing with the leaves and the wind so cold and speedy that it makes me wanna dance. The rain kept on pouring like there’s no tomorrow. I become so obsessed with it that I close my eyes and listen to it all, pausing on the road, a gallon in my arms, no umbrella, and just my face accepting all the rain on me. I only wish this won’t end right now. But I have to go or my arms will literally separate from my shoulder. So I walk away and ignore the  men staring and observing, waiting for me to ask for help but I don’t. I am not that kind of person. I do not ask help from people just because I am carrying something heavy. Not in every aspect of my life, that is.

This sucks. I want Chinese (that would mean Chowking, here, ya know?haha). I badly want it and I want to eat it with someone who would not judge me for everything that I would say while eating it. Yeah, these times when am cravin’ for it, it is when I am so down and weary and just want some Chinese food in front of me!


Have you ever had that cinematographic feeling that a certain event or scenario in your life is in slow motion just like in the movies?

When it happened lately I could not believe it. I could not help myself but wonder how familiar it is to me yet so strange. It is something like knowing someone so close yet not really. Or that heart-stopping feeling you have with somebody even without knowing that person well. Or it could only be the effect of someone’s attraction to a person that makes everything seem so lovey dovey in the air. Anyway, here goes nothing…

Our eyes locked as he passed by. Our skin touched but he did not even reach out. Yet he walked slowly–too slow for normal. I looked straight at him and he looked back and through me. I sensed his presence through my eyes. Oh no, please don’t. I do not want another being getting through my maze. I do not want another person trying to play the puzzle pieces of me. I looked away. This should not be happening. But then I suddenly talked and the moment I talked I gave it all away. I introduced myself, shaked his hand, and again everything is so slow. I even mentioned the word “familiar” without noticing I did. He smiled. I cried inside. ‘Who are you and how come I feel so light when you’re around?’ I thought. A few days passed and I couldn’t help it. I asked and so he answered. My shock was there, all out and about. I hugged him. He was there all along, from where I have been. But he said we might have met somewhere else. I could not remember but yeah I think so too. Some place where time do not exist, some place where we used to be so close in mind but never took the same path. Slowly he closed the door and slowly I walked away. Because of fear. Because life has to go on even with these magical, unexplainable situations. Because we have to move away even if means moving away slowly…

Ta-da! Another inspired fiction from a friend. 
Fave from The Daily Post

sidetracked by a cutie? For real??
everything went slowly, yet so fast

it moves slowly like observing something from afar

a gaze of pleasure, art in every angle
it’s just like a drama in the sky 
I don’t get it. Cause am a little slow, you see…

so the mighty hunter waits, even if it is sooo slow

hope of love and friendship

Stuck in The Middle


I met a respectable man and the backbone of the org. But before that, I met two funny guys. They taught me the ways to the group, they taught me how to do things. They made me feel like I am now one of them, a certified bro. We got close. I am now advising on love and relationships, sharing drinking thoughts, and inspiring each other with the things that we do every day. They even supported me with the things that I do outside of the group, which is awesome and I am thankful.

Until I met The Backbone. He warned me to stay away from the two guys I met. I was surprised. Then he told me about the scenario from the last day we all gathered…

I was with the two guys on one table and we were like, just there, sitting and laughing about their relationships. The respectable man noticed it. 

Backbone: Keep her away from them before it is too late…

I was shocked! The respectable man is looking out for me and I am so happy! Then The Backbone told me the reason behind this warning, behind-the-curtain kind of thing. Don’t get too close he says. Don’t get acquainted they say. But how will I suddenly go away and not explain why? But how will I do that? Stuck in the middle, I got a bit dizzy. I do not have any idea what to do. I do not have any idea how to act around these people anymore. I do not know how to talk to them, how to tell them that I am stuck.

I talked to another guy who I think I could trust with this kind of conversations. I told him everything. And he said I should not let their words affect me that much. He said I should not get too close, I can hang out with everybody and stay in the middle. So that is exactly what am gonna do.


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The walls around aren’t wood nor bricks. It’s a tall and thick glass that nothing and nobody can break, covered his personality yet transparent in some way. Not everybody can see him nude but some can. Not everybody can guess his expressions yet some can. With a glass so thick and a glass sprinkled with rain, how can you truly see a person behind it?

There is a way, one says.

Upon hearing this the man inside the glass looked behind him to see whose voice did speak. It’s a little girl with bright brown eyes and clothes that are not fit for the city. His nervousness grew when the girl touched the glass. The man cannot tell her to stop because it would reveal the truth behind his glass wall. But the girl just touched and brushed her hands up to the level of his face. He cannot move. He smiled. She smiled.

You do not intend to go anywhere other than your world, mister? She asked.

Break the glass, please! And let all these shards be gone with the wind. He thought.

And as if the little girl understood him, she kicked the glass with her pointed boot. The glass suddenly shattered into pieces but there was no man inside. some pieces of the glass went straight into her skin, dropping a pinch or two of blood on her cheeks. The wind blew hard and she heard a voice…

Thank you for letting me free…

She wept. It’s not what she wanted. All she wished for was to see his face clear, to touch his real face, and to make him hers. But it turned out that he is part of the wind, that he was just an image formed by the wind.

Whoa! On the spot thinking of that story. haha anyways, here’s some faves from The Daily Post

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Autonomy of Her Snippets


she stands alone with her snippets in her head, thinking she has control over them. but these particular snippets has its own life, its own way of showing. snippets that walk and talk alone. she is only a tool. she is a shell, writing what these snippets wants her to. consciously unconscious, she does it anyway. because there is nothing else left to do than to bring out these snippets crumpled inside her head.

enough. her snippets say. people ask and people conclude. people are confused. by her and her snippets. but either way, there is only one answer. and that you should think about it.

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my new blog, still building up my team and having fun for a while 🙂