Hi, August! Let's start off with what blogs I do love to read as of the moment, shall we? 🙂  Now I'm excited to read more of what they will be sharing this month! 🙂  

I admire you, yes you. I may not have the perfect words to say, I may not even have the license to admire. But I do admire your complex mind. Normal is boring, and I don't really like simplicity. When something is complicated, When something is hard, I admire it to the highest point.  I... Continue Reading →

I want Chinese ([food] with a British accent)!!! (*but I actually want how the black says it ) I am watching Orange is The New Black right now and all I can think about is my own prison. I am a prisoner of art. I am a prisoner of words. I am a prisoner of... Continue Reading →

Have you ever had that cinematographic feeling that a certain event or scenario in your life is in slow motion just like in the movies? When it happened lately I could not believe it. I could not help myself but wonder how familiar it is to me yet so strange. It is something like knowing... Continue Reading →

I met a respectable man and the backbone of the org. But before that, I met two funny guys. They taught me the ways to the group, they taught me how to do things. They made me feel like I am now one of them, a certified bro. We got close. I am now advising... Continue Reading →

A photo posted by Jenny 2.0 (@iamjennypur) on Jul 9, 2016 at 3:16pm PDT   The walls around aren't wood nor bricks. It's a tall and thick glass that nothing and nobody can break, covered his personality yet transparent in some way. Not everybody can see him nude but some can. Not everybody can guess... Continue Reading →

she stands alone with her snippets in her head, thinking she has control over them. but these particular snippets has its own life, its own way of showing. snippets that walk and talk alone. she is only a tool. she is a shell, writing what these snippets wants her to. consciously unconscious, she does it... Continue Reading →

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