Autonomy of Her Snippets


she stands alone with her snippets in her head, thinking she has control over them. but these particular snippets has its own life, its own way of showing. snippets that walk and talk alone. she is only a tool. she is a shell, writing what these snippets wants her to. consciously unconscious, she does it anyway. because there is nothing else left to do than to bring out these snippets crumpled inside her head.

enough. her snippets say. people ask and people conclude. people are confused. by her and her snippets. but either way, there is only one answer. and that you should think about it.

meanwhile, here’s some autonomy posts from The Daily Post

her autonomy was supposed to be my title for today, but nevertheless, I love this post.

feline autonomy never fails to let me smile

wondering like The Wondering Poet

odd and interesting autoknowme

by yourself-lovelyricism

giantness and dwarfness for me



my new blog, still building up my team and having fun for a while 🙂


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