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The walls around aren’t wood nor bricks. It’s a tall and thick glass that nothing and nobody can break, covered his personality yet transparent in some way. Not everybody can see him nude but some can. Not everybody can guess his expressions yet some can. With a glass so thick and a glass sprinkled with rain, how can you truly see a person behind it?

There is a way, one says.

Upon hearing this the man inside the glass looked behind him to see whose voice did speak. It’s a little girl with bright brown eyes and clothes that are not fit for the city. His nervousness grew when the girl touched the glass. The man cannot tell her to stop because it would reveal the truth behind his glass wall. But the girl just touched and brushed her hands up to the level of his face. He cannot move. He smiled. She smiled.

You do not intend to go anywhere other than your world, mister? She asked.

Break the glass, please! And let all these shards be gone with the wind. He thought.

And as if the little girl understood him, she kicked the glass with her pointed boot. The glass suddenly shattered into pieces but there was no man inside. some pieces of the glass went straight into her skin, dropping a pinch or two of blood on her cheeks. The wind blew hard and she heard a voice…

Thank you for letting me free…

She wept. It’s not what she wanted. All she wished for was to see his face clear, to touch his real face, and to make him hers. But it turned out that he is part of the wind, that he was just an image formed by the wind.

Whoa! On the spot thinking of that story. haha anyways, here’s some faves from The Daily Post

Looking through glass is tricky, yes!

shattered glassย everywhere…

do you love shaping crystals?

her personality was as clear as glass

glass and the feline

when what you see is not what you get


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