Stuck in The Middle


I met a respectable man and the backbone of the org. But before that, I met two funny guys. They taught me the ways to the group, they taught me how to do things. They made me feel like I am now one of them, a certified bro. We got close. I am now advising on love and relationships, sharing drinking thoughts, and inspiring each other with the things that we do every day. They even supported me with the things that I do outside of the group, which is awesome and I am thankful.

Until I met The Backbone. He warned me to stay away from the two guys I met. I was surprised. Then he told me about the scenario from the last day we all gathered…

I was with the two guys on one table and we were like, just there, sitting and laughing about their relationships. The respectable man noticed it. 

Backbone: Keep her away from them before it is too late…

I was shocked! The respectable man is looking out for me and I am so happy! Then The Backbone told me the reason behind this warning, behind-the-curtain kind of thing. Don’t get too close he says. Don’t get acquainted they say. But how will I suddenly go away and not explain why? But how will I do that? Stuck in the middle, I got a bit dizzy. I do not have any idea what to do. I do not have any idea how to act around these people anymore. I do not know how to talk to them, how to tell them that I am stuck.

I talked to another guy who I think I could trust with this kind of conversations. I told him everything. And he said I should not let their words affect me that much. He said I should not get too close, I can hang out with everybody and stay in the middle. So that is exactly what am gonna do.


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