Have you ever had that cinematographic feeling that a certain event or scenario in your life is in slow motion just like in the movies?

When it happened lately I could not believe it. I could not help myself but wonder how familiar it is to me yet so strange. It is something like knowing someone so close yet not really. Or that heart-stopping feeling you have with somebody even without knowing that person well. Or it could only be the effect of someone’s attraction to a person that makes everything seem so lovey dovey in the air. Anyway, here goes nothing…

Our eyes locked as he passed by. Our skin touched but he did not even reach out. Yet he walked slowly–too slow for normal. I looked straight at him and he looked back and through me. I sensed his presence through my eyes. Oh no, please don’t. I do not want another being getting through my maze. I do not want another person trying to play the puzzle pieces of me. I looked away. This should not be happening. But then I suddenly talked and the moment I talked I gave it all away. I introduced myself, shaked his hand, and again everything is so slow. I even mentioned the word “familiar” without noticing I did. He smiled. I cried inside. ‘Who are you and how come I feel so light when you’re around?’ I thought. A few days passed and I couldn’t help it. I asked and so he answered. My shock was there, all out and about. I hugged him. He was there all along, from where I have been. But he said we might have met somewhere else. I could not remember but yeah I think so too. Some place where time do not exist, some place where we used to be so close in mind but never took the same path. Slowly he closed the door and slowly I walked away. Because of fear. Because life has to go on even with these magical, unexplainable situations. Because we have to move away even if means moving away slowly…

Ta-da! Another inspired fiction from a friend. 
Fave from The Daily Post

sidetracked by a cutie? For real??
everything went slowly, yet so fast

it moves slowly like observing something from afar

a gaze of pleasure, art in every angle
it’s just like a drama in the sky 
I don’t get it. Cause am a little slow, you see…

so the mighty hunter waits, even if it is sooo slow

hope of love and friendship


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