photo taken by me, little Veniz, Taguig

I admire you, yes you.

I may not have the perfect words to say,

I may not even have the license to admire.

But I do admire your complex mind.

Normal is boring, and I don’t really like simplicity.

When something is complicated,

When something is hard,

I admire it to the highest point. 

I love the challenge,

I love to solve it even without a solution.

Admiration for complexity.

That’s what I’ll call this thing I have for you.

Though my brain is haywire,

Though I may not be thinking straight right now,

I know that I admire you.

Just because.

There’s no specific reason at all.

I just admire you,

Yes, you.

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I don’t admire you, I just wish you had a hint.

most peaceful place on earth, at least for me that is.

politically screaming,, love it!

how far I’ve come


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