There are people who does not know what an apology means. There are those who take it for granted. And there are those who got used to it that they apologize for everything they think and do is wrong. 

But for now, let me apologize to the one person whom I might have hurt in any way…

Dear you,

Sorry for whatever I did. Sorry for  being so annoying. Sorry for asking you multiple times to look at me, to talk to me. Sorry for pushing you to your limits, making you do things you do not want. Sorry for endlessly talking, for telling you stories I know it does not really interest you one bit, for talking nonesense. I just wanted the awkward silence to go away. I just wanted to entertain you in ways I can, which, obviously, turned boring and caused you to hate me. Sorry for being too emotional. It’s me, it’s not you. I am too emotional and I guess that’s too much for you to handle. Sorry for being sweet, that is the result of me being too emotional. I have read so many novels and have imagined so many things that all I wanna do is be sweet and romantic in all the things that I do. Sorry for caring too much. It’s just that…I guess it’s me being sick. I care too much. Is that a mental illness? Sorry. Sorry for overreacting to things that must not be overreacted about. I must have miscalculated what people want from me. Sorry for making it look like we’re family. I got too close, too attached and this is what I get. Your silence. You going away. Sorry. I am truly sorry. Now, wherever you may be, and if ever you read this, I hope that you can accept my apology. 

Jen from Yesteryears.
The Daily Post.


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