Too Much Coffee

Shaky hand-drawing

Too emotional lately, I apologize for that. How’s your week so far? I hope you’re doing great as I am. 

Despite too much caffeine and palpitation due to it, I’ve been meeting people whom I think would be good for me as of the moment. Being around with people whom I have intense feelings for is not healthy right now. I mean I have to distance myself to profound personalities that I get attracted to. I now know my weakness. I am too vulnerable to people of high value to me. Oh my, I know this is sudden and uxpected but rambling once in a while is as good as it goes. Sorry. It’s just that my coffee intake today got overboard and over me. The result to that would be this: palpitation, shaky hands, rush drawings, ramblings, nervousness without any reason, and the feeling that the world hates me right now. 

Yes. I know I will have palpitations but I did not expect to feel this intense. I did not expect myself to be so cautious and so nervous. Lesson: maximum coffee intake should be 2 cups a day; too much coffee is not good for you; and compose yourself before attacking the people you care about. Hahaha. 

I feel like a drunk mad man just from drinking coffee… could we just call coffee my new liquor? Hahaha!


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