It’s a Misunderstanding!

a little misunderstanding

photo by: siuhti

Hey, it’s a misunderstanding! Man, I ain’t what you think I am. Is it so bad to be sweet and all to everybody? Oh, no no no no no no. You’re not thinking what am thinking…are you? Wait, are you?!

I might appear confusing right now. The things I say and do. The way I ought to act. But I shall explain myself briefly today because you made laugh out so loud I cannot contain my madness.

I am adventurous. I am a free spirit. I do what I want. I am weird. I am not normal. Because normal is boring. I say “I like you” all the time. I say “I love you” all the time. I say “I miss you” to all the people I know and haven’t seen for a day or two. Because I care too much. Because I get too attached. And maybe that’s my problem. I should not be this caring. I should be too attached to people. The other day I was too happy, too joyful, too cheery, and something came back to me: a part of my past, a “me” that the people I know today do not know about. Who is that person? Who is that “me”? That part of me that came back? Let me tell you about her.

She’s jumpy. She’s frankly straightforward. She does care too much about how a person feels that she’s afraid to hurt. But once in a while, when craziness strikes, she hits. She slaps people just because, she tells how bad the person is in front of that person. She annoys people just because. She is uncontrollable. She is a romantic, a naturally sweet person according to the people she spent her time with. She is a friend of everybody. She talks to almost anyone. She is very open and tells anyone how she really feels. Because that’s just how she is. She drives people crazy, to the max. She listens to sad songs but she’s cheerful and smiles at sadness. She plays people. That is not so good. But yeah, she does that. She makes people like her and disappoint them at the end by telling them to back off. She confuses people and she loves it that she feels accomplished. She breaks the rules, most of the time. She makes a lot of mistakes, a lot of miscalculations. She attacks right on and makes decisions rapidly, without second thoughts. She hates canceled plans and she tends to sulk when things don’t go her way. But she’s cheerful all the way through. When in pain or not, when sad in truth or not, she has a cheerful face that you would not second guess her happiness. 

And that person, ladies, and gents, is just one part of the person I am today.

So please, please. I hope that you would not think that I like to be with you the way you think I want to. I’m just around for friendship and deeper conversations because I’m longing for my best friend who is M.I.A. at the moment. I do not want to lose a talented person like you. I’m just here as a friend and nothing else. 😀


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