Paint. It comes with colors, blending, shapes, figures, everything. Paint my love, ooohhh paint my love, it’s a picture of, a thousand blah blah blah. Do you know that song? I guess you do. har har. Another one: let’s paint the town. Ahaha. But this, am thinking painting it literally, not metaphorically. haha.

Anyways. How was your week? I hope you had fun. Another week’s starting and you gotta get up early for another rush for the job to run for your life and live like normal people. That’s black and white. Dramatic yet boring. A paint suitable for the norms not the extras. No pun intended, by the way.

And then there’s the extras. Extra paint. Excess paint. Like, a little black, a little yellow, a bit of red and a splash of pink then a spoon of blue and a pinch of white. Ain’t that so colorful? That’s where the creatives are. That’s where the mess comes around with mind plus brain plus heart. Oh yes. That’s where normal people gets confused and avoid it. Because it is not normal. Because it is not what other people do. And because all they can do is buy whatever the creatives do and stare at it, wishing they have what lies behind that colorful paint behind it. Because a paint is a story. And each paint is a different story.

Now we’re going deep and you might guess what’s running inside my head again so let’s cut it out right there.

Meanwhile, here’s my favorite paint posts from The Daily Post

drown me in your hues, just please do it now.

there will always be a painter’s song when one creates art…

she’s a blank canvas, no matter what angle you look at her

a though on his new project: happy little trees

let’s paint the world literally

the last drop…of paint


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