image via Dave Meier


There is something in your eyes that makes my heart race. Something in the way you look, something that I cannot escape from. When you stare at a distance as if someone was caught lying and I fear that you might see through me. But wouldn’t that be a good thing for me? That you would know how special you are to me just by looking at me? I guess not.

No, not now. Not now that you’re starting to get close to me. Not now when you’re slowly confiding in me. Oh please don’t look at me. You might be surprised of what you can see in me. The things I want to share with you, the things I want to do for you. Please just let me be behind you. I will just watch over you and that beautiful eyes. I will stay behind you so that when someone pushes you back I will be there to push you forward. I will be the cushion you’ll lay your tired body on, I will be whatever you wish, just don’t look at me.

That eyes of yours. It is as striking as the sun at midday and as calming as the moon at night. That eyes of yours. It makes my heart race at the same time soothes my soul. Let me look at them longer. Let me be the one to look at you.

When the right time comes, look at me. Dig deep into me and you’ll see. That what I have for you is real. That my heart desires only for you and your happiness. Look at me until you’re tired, I will be okay.

Just let me be right now. For the moment, let me stare at your back. Don’t look back. I’ll be damned if you do.

Eyes from The Daily Post

the window to our souls

the art of seeing though things

in love with those aqua eyes

close your eyes and let me lead the way

“those eyes!”

I love you to the moon and back!

you can never fool the eyes of a woman

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