Passion: Rambling?

It’s supposed to be “Pop! Goes the weasel…”. But it’s Plop! Goes ideas…hahaha.

I can’t afford to think of anything right now. A lot is on my plate, a lot is going on lately. There’s a never-ending list of favors from people that I’ve said “yes” to, without second thoughts. I know it’s too late to back out but the thrill and the challenge? That’s priceless. That’s what keeps me alive, doing so many things. But what if my body gives up? Plop! Goes ideas…hahaha.

I never had the courage to say that “I can” do this, do that, do this, do whatever. But lately, I don’t know what made me start saying “yes” to everything. Aha! Remember that movie? But I won’t compare this to that. Haha. Anyways, sorry for the rambling. It’d just that my title is so cute I can’t just ignore it. Hahaha. 

Plop! The idea goes, bye bye! 


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