It Never Happened

The challenge was on the table

but it ended even before it started.

So how should you?

So how should I?

‘Tis a mess,

’tis a wee. 


I never knew that there would be something this intense and to witness it disappear like a bubble is just…wow.

Bring it on, Social Media.

She fell.


She fell. She fell too fast. She falls. She falls so easily. Now she’s too deep she could not reach anything. She could not see the top. She could not talk. She could not see. She could not move. She cannot think. With legs numb and brain dumb as it is now, she lay her head down on the soft unknown. All she knows now is that she is alone under the covers, with her head laying on something soft. She can feel the fur, the soft covers. But it is too dark for her to see. It is too dark for her to bring herself back to the top, where there is light, where the sun shines brightly.



It’s an odd story that takes place in a city in a mountain. There’s a young odd being, curious of the world around. Too many questions for a child and too many things to explore. It wanders around like a free soul, searching for answers even an adult cannot comprehend.

It encounters a lot of human beings, a lot of subjects to experiment on. It asks around, digs deep into human emotions without doing it on purpose. It tries to manipulate itself thinking that it can take control of itself in a world that it did not expect to consume that much of energy.

Along the journeys of this young odd being, it refuses to grow as finding out that growing means aging and wisdom and decay. Wanting to avoid such event, it stopped asking and doing stuff around the soils of Gaea. It stopped thinking completely like a dead plant. But it only became ignorant of the world after the WWII. It does not know how things work anymore or how emotions were portrayed into different media.

A decade has passed and a human being suddenly stepped on its roots. In doing so, the human awakened the sleeping child. They began talking. Deeper conversations, sharing of their own unique adventures. It became lively again, like it was reborn with not a single idea of where it came from and nothing of the world it lived in before. Looking at the universe at its present state in the eyes of the human, it became curious once more. It became too interested with everything. It easily falls for good things and events and emotions that are fastly spreading around.

But it also became too dependent from the human being. It uses his eyes and ears and feelings, letting the human being capable of everything while it enjoys the show that it did not know a seed of negativity is growing somewhere at the back of the yard. Without notiing this, the seed grew into a leaf and into a tree. They both saw the tree and danced around it, rejoicing and laughing that a new life has been created near their lives. Littledd they know that the tree would be the cause of their tragic fates.

The human has started to feel awkward and  becomes aggressive. While it becomes too curious of deeper emotions and questions every action. Until they come to a point where they realizes that they are somehow attracted to each other. But “it” was the first one to regain control and weeps in silence. It slowly disappeared from the human being so as to avoid confusion. It ran away from the human being and wandered the earth more without any companion.

It felt subdued as it wanders. With a pale face and a body weaker than a leaf, it crumbled to dust as it says goodbye to the present year and hello to eternal life.


some of my fave from the daily post…

should the mirror crack

subdued to cheer

walking towards hope

setting the mood


Easy to trust, easy to open up. Easy to get advantage of, easy to get acquainted.
Easy to trust, easy to break. Easy to cry, easy to lean on someone.

Trust. The thing that makes a human being, human. 

Trust that gains power. Trust that breaks a soul. Trust that makes a person go haywire. 

Trust. That leads one’s heart somewhere. That leads one’s shoes around the world.

Once broken, it is so hard to put the pieces back. But one trusts too easy, so even when broken, one trusts more and more until it can trust no more…
The Daily Post


​You promised to be there

You promised to be everywhere

But when I looked 

You weren’t there

You weren’t anywhere

You promised the moon

You promised the sun

I only wanted your presence

Only to find the moon and sun and your absence

You promised so many things

You promised nothing else

I searched for your words

I searched for a strand of you or your presence

And I ended up empty-handed

I ended up in a lost land
Curse you and your promises

Damned is the one who invented such word

I do not need such word

I do not need anything

You can take your words with you

They are just words and nothing else


On Being Oneself

How does one be himself? How do you be yourself when people demands one part of you and another of someone else’s? We have many faces to which we choose to wear, to which society wants to see. But being yourself and not wearing any of the social faces is what intrigues me most. Because one has to take the risk of showing himself to the world without thinking about what others would say or how people would react to the truth. And this thought leads to many other thoughts of being me, the “me” that might shock some and does not surprise a few.

Who am I? Who is this Jen that hides behind a transparent curtain. Actually I do not really hide. I am an open book yet I am not. I show who I truly am but I don’t. There is a lot of things that makes me, me. A series of contradicting facts that might create conflicts for one’s mind. And because of that most people misinterpret. Others would even misjudge. But how does explain oneself? When he himself does not know? When he himself does not understand?

I wonder what and how people think of themselves? Of other people? Of me? I wonder how one would define oneself. I have so many questions. I have so many things to say. But words does not show how curious the mind is. And this…is being me. The ever curious Jen who wanders from place to place just to listen to what people think about random things. The ever curious Jen who always have a question and falls in love with unusual answers. The ever curious Jen who always ask why and how and what just to keep the conversation going. The ever curious Jen who eats and drink coffee just to peek at someone reading Paulo Coelho. The ever curious Jen who freezes in a crowd and focuses on whatever is in front of her, staring only at a subject while shakig inside due to shyness and sweat. The ever curious Jen who stays silent within a group, alone with her thoughts, while smiling and still aware of the topics being discussed. 

But this is just one side of a sphere, one point of view to compare to a thousand if not a million point of views.