It's an odd story that takes place in a city in a mountain. There's a young odd being, curious of the world around. Too many questions for a child and too many things to explore. It wanders around like a free soul, searching for answers even an adult cannot comprehend. It encounters a lot of … Continue reading Subdued


Easy to trust, easy to open up. Easy to get advantage of, easy to get acquainted. Easy to trust, easy to break. Easy to cry, easy to lean on someone. Trust. The thing that makes a human being, human.  Trust that gains power. Trust that breaks a soul. Trust that makes a person go haywire.  … Continue reading Trust


​You promised to be there You promised to be everywhere But when I looked  You weren't there You weren't anywhere You promised the moon You promised the sun I only wanted your presence Only to find the moon and sun and your absence You promised so many things You promised nothing else I searched for … Continue reading Promises