It’s an odd story that takes place in a city in a mountain. There’s a young odd being, curious of the world around. Too many questions for a child and too many things to explore. It wanders around like a free soul, searching for answers even an adult cannot comprehend.

It encounters a lot of human beings, a lot of subjects to experiment on. It asks around, digs deep into human emotions without doing it on purpose. It tries to manipulate itself thinking that it can take control of itself in a world that it did not expect to consume that much of energy.

Along the journeys of this young odd being, it refuses to grow as finding out that growing means aging and wisdom and decay. Wanting to avoid such event, it stopped asking and doing stuff around the soils of Gaea. It stopped thinking completely like a dead plant. But it only became ignorant of the world after the WWII. It does not know how things work anymore or how emotions were portrayed into different media.

A decade has passed and a human being suddenly stepped on its roots. In doing so, the human awakened the sleeping child. They began talking. Deeper conversations, sharing of their own unique adventures. It became lively again, like it was reborn with not a single idea of where it came from and nothing of the world it lived in before. Looking at the universe at its present state in the eyes of the human, it became curious once more. It became too interested with everything. It easily falls for good things and events and emotions that are fastly spreading around.

But it also became too dependent from the human being. It uses his eyes and ears and feelings, letting the human being capable of everything while it enjoys the show that it did not know a seed of negativity is growing somewhere at the back of the yard. Without notiing this, the seed grew into a leaf and into a tree. They both saw the tree and danced around it, rejoicing and laughing that a new life has been created near their lives. Littledd they know that the tree would be the cause of their tragic fates.

The human has started to feel awkward and  becomes aggressive. While it becomes too curious of deeper emotions and questions every action. Until they come to a point where they realizes that they are somehow attracted to each other. But “it” was the first one to regain control and weeps in silence. It slowly disappeared from the human being so as to avoid confusion. It ran away from the human being and wandered the earth more without any companion.

It felt subdued as it wanders. With a pale face and a body weaker than a leaf, it crumbled to dust as it says goodbye to the present year and hello to eternal life.


some of my fave from the daily post…

should the mirror crack

subdued to cheer

walking towards hope

setting the mood


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