The Mad Queen

Two years has passed but she does not know this. Time has lost its value in her presence. Every day the prince visited her chamber to let the whole kingdom know that they are okay, that they have something sweet going on. And on his visits, he despised her for being so calm and graceful even though her body is scarred from the chains around her.

He let her roam around the castle for a day to test something. She walked out of the chamber, her chin up high and a raised eyebrow. The guards are silently eyeing her, prepared to put her down in case she does something crazy. Knowing this, she swept her feet on the ground and “Boo!” She surprised a guard on her right with her big eyes and made a claw of her hand. The guard was alarmed and was in a battle stance when she went back to her walk, giggling. She passed from halls to halls, examining the walls, the tables, the doors. Until she found a large door with strange carvings on it. She stared at it as if it were something magical. She hummed a song while touching the door. She closed her eyes and gracefully danced in front of the door. The guards who can see her were laughing. “She’s gone crazy,” they whispered.

The prince was looking for her. The guards told her where she went and he walked towards her direction. He stopped to observe the flower dancing. He saw her bruises on her ankles and wrists, the blue spots on her arms through her nightdress, and her backbone traced on her skinny body. For a moment he looked at it as a beauty abused and felt pity for her. But he shook his head and he was back to his cold eyes.

“Ahem,” he faked a cough. She stopped on her footsteps and stood with her chin up high and steadied her fists on her hips. She looked back at him with an icy stare that she practiced almost perfectly. The prince walked closer to her. He breathed deeply. “What are you doing, milady?” He asked with a sarcasm voice.

“What I am doing now and in any time of day does not concern you. You need not ask what it is,” she whispered. The prince sighed. He grasped her left arm and led her to the throne room. On one of the thick posts, hidden from the sight of any guards around, he pushed her on the wall. “You are mine, woman. You will obey me and only me and if you do not do a single thing I ask of you, your body shall crumble piece by piece. You understand?”

She laughed then. She touched his cheek softly with her thin fingers. “My dear, you are still young and clearly you do not understand the ways of the world…” she stared at his eyes and leaned forward. “You are just a pet in a castle…”she whispered. She pushed his arms aside and run towards the center of the room, and let her fall on the ground. “Help! Help! He is harassing me! Help!” a lot of guards went to help her stand. The prince came forward to where she was and was about to slap her when the king’s footsteps echoed through the room.

The king walked towards the commotion and stopped a few steps away from her and the prince. “Child, what is the problem?” he demanded. Her eyes got bigger, frightened and unsure of what to say. “Nothing, your highness,” she said. The king held her palms in his and stared at them. “Bathe her, and bring her to me,” he commanded the prince.

Autumn has come.



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