Travel Rambling

Why do people travel,I wonder. Why do you travel? Why do people go far away from their homes and explore the world? I want to know.

Because I haven’t traveled that far. I haven’t seen the world yet. And just thinking about it excites me in the highest level that I can handle. I have been imagining, the life of a traveler. How does it feel to move from one place to another? From riding the bus or train or even an airplane. From walking the streets of Paris or stepping on the roads of Amsterdam. From eating french bread to roaming around like a locale. Ahh, the foreign air, the foreign soil.

I have traveled to Saudi, yes. Saudi Arabia. When I was too young to remember things. When I was too young to explore on my own. I can only remember bits and bits of pieces of those memories when I see a photo of me. I do remember those little stones outside my dad’s office building that I throw in the air and shout “yay! Rain!” though. I also remember that time when I put a hair cap on and a band aid on my chin then took a photo of me on a chair. So much memories that are only shared through mom and dad’s stories. Everything that I have been doing when I was a kid in that foreign land was funny. Like that time when I locked mom’s co-worker out the terrace of their quarters, in a towel. Mom got worried to why her co-worker hasn’t checked in at work yet and she went back to the quarters to check. She opened the terrace and her workmate was crying and sobbing because of the heat. Then that time that I got locked inside the clinic’s (or hospital?) storage room with the large thick metal doors. The whole staff with my mom assisted a 2-year old Jen to open it from the inside. Mom was instructing me to use my left hand, which I use to draw and turn some knobs around. It took an hour or two before I was finally out and they were all sweating. Haha. That, and much more.

But what I want to do now, is to travel on my own. You know, packing a luggage of a week’s worth of clothes and head out to board an airplane on my own. To be crazy and go wild on a foreign land, write a novel, and drink different wines and liquor. Oh, add scale modeler hunting and rare kits hauling to that! Yeah, I am now a certified scale modeler. Haha.

“Break the glass please, and free us from all these damned rules,from needing to find an explanation for everything, from doing only what others approve of.”

~ Paulo Coelho, By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept


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