Question of the Day

When you learn about what others are going through, you become too affected that you want to help in any ways you can…

“Why are you so eager to help?” he asked. ” I’m not asking for it,” he said. My world stopped then. “Cause it’s me. Cause I am J.” I said back. But in my head, I wondered then. ‘ Why tell me your problem in the first place? If you do not need help?’ I thought. My world is slowly crushing. He looks at me with disgust for trying to help him.

Is this how humans are? Is this how they think, naturally? What do the people I helped before think of me then? What have been their thoughts when I did help them?

Do you think I overdo things? Is this overreacting of me?


3 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. I would say you just want to help and sometimes people just want you to listen. But maybe he just never had someone care so much and so the first thing he does is put his guard up. Um I feel you might be overthinking what he said and I’m sure all the other people you helped were grateful you took the time to help them and cared about them too.

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