Weekend Rambling

How are you guys doing lately? My heart’s been up and down, inhaling love, paint, and stress all at the same time but all is good. At least I got a day like today, to rest and do whatever.

But…here goes some rambling on my thoughts lately.

I’m thinking of going back to Zumba. I don’t know why. I know am fat and reducing through Zumba is great but I guess that isn’t my main purpose. I miss the thrill, the instructors kuya Marcus and Adrian. I miss the atmosphere, the sweat, the heat, the music, the moves, everything about it. I think I’ll visit them today.

There’s a mini event actually that will be held today. It’s a 4D Challenge in a coffee shop. Baguio Military Plamo Starters Club is the group that organized the event. Well, good luck to participants!

Oh oh! Leaving you guys with some photos that made my day so far…

the streets of Hawaii….


can’t wait to play cardfights! 



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