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Chaotic is her heart as her snippets roam around your mind

Chaotic as art can be in its unending peak

Chaotic as the world of politics and war

Chaotic as her mind of strings

So don’t. Do not come near. Do not come close to her. You will just get your white shirt tainted. And you sure do not want that. Come but not too close. Come but not too near. As she is poison to your lungs and thorn to your throat. Just don’t. She is chaos. She is dangerous. She is chaotic.

Come close and you shall drown. Come close and you shall be hurt. Leave. Just leave. You do not want chaos in your life. Leave her be. Let her go in her own ways and let her do her thing. Do not intervene as she will enter you deeply and leave you scarred. So don’t. You will just regret it.

Chaotic is her heart as her snippets go hand in hand with hell.

Chaotic is her mind as strings goes messy inside her brain.

The Daily PostΒ and some of the interesting posts around the globe…

toothless smileΒ is the best!

be not chaotic, just simple chaos.

bacon, banter, and coffeeΒ is chaotic yet perfect.

what’s wrong with a little chaos? it is beautiful….


14 thoughts on “Chaotic

    1. Wow! Tilting your entire house…just like Wizard of Oz kind of thing? That is lunacy with adventure! Nothing wrong with that too! hahaha. And yes, Chaos R love. hahaha. Thank you! πŸ™‚

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      1. The tiles might actually insulate it a bit. I have met the woman whose father built it. She now lives in CA, but saw my blog and wrote and told me she had actually lived in that house and her brother still does. I’m anxious to meet her next time she comes to Lake Chapala. Such wonderful things have happened to me through blogging. Is the same true for you?


      2. That is so amazing…! I hope you have a great time meeting her! Yes wonderful things have happened with me through blogging and it has changed my life a lot…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I think I’m going to issue a challenge asking that question. I’d love to hear what people have to say. I never would have imagined I’d enjoy it so much or get so much out of it. I err on the side of compulsion.


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