Starbucks Snippet

I slouched on the couch inside Starbucks one fine afternoon. I was fiddling with my phone and I heard the words “cafe” and “sessions”. I looked at the crowd talking on the table beside me. A group of young adults, eight youngsters, sipping their Starbucks drinks and talking about coffee shops.
“I heard it’s good there. The…what’s it called? Sessions..Cafe…Bread..I don’t know..” one girl said.

“It’s Sessions Coffee, Breads, and Pastries,” I said. They looked at me. “Ahhh,” one said. “Ooohhh,” another said.

They were planning to go there next Saturday. And then their conversation went on to Arca’s Yard, Cafe Yagam…one coffee shop to another. I smiled at the thought:

When adults gossip about the next big thing to earn money, youngsters gossip about the cool cafe one should try. It’s so good to be young.


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