Dear Reader,

You are invited to a banquet of royalties, a feast for the one and only HER. The said occasion will be held in HERWorld with HERSnipperts for you to uncover. The said royalties include her ideals, her people like Remojiv, the prince, the king, and her captor, the thug. You will be able to meet her person, her fears, her impossible encounters. And this would be held on the 4th full moon of the year, where the moon is too near on earth and is tainted red.

If in case, you cannot come, please do tell in advance as early as 2 full moons beforehand. So she can remove your special spot in her banquet, a seat she reserved for you, a seat where your name is embarked on it and was specially made for you. Whatever your reasons may be for not attending, please do take note and put it in words she can understand so as not to make her your suspicious neighbor.

Again, you are invited to this banquet of royalties with HERMind thinking that you will come. If you do come, you are expected to wear your best clothes: YOURSELF. If you are coming in a suit and tie or a gown, you will be banned from this particular occasion as a first-degree warning that HERHeart is doubtful of you and your presence in the upcoming events in HERWorld.


—-> Cheery-Secretary-of-HER

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Things I Want To Do


  1. Cosplay. Enma Ai, Arturia Pendragon, Yui Hirasawa, and Freyja Wion Windermere. I’d love to try them all.
  2. Swim in a swimming pool. For the whole week, day and night. If not a week, three days would do. Even f it is just for a day, as long it is for the whole day.
  3. Paint more walls. Paid or not, I just want to continuously paint walls.
  4. Wall Climbing. The one thing I want to try every time I see people in a sports suit.
  5. Master some recipes from around the world. It does not have to be everything, it just has to be some special recipes.
  6. Teach French Parenting at the same time doing it to my kids. Cause their way of raising their children are way better than any other countries. Once perfected and shared their ways, I believe that I have raised good men for the future.
  7. travel writing with income. That is my current dream job.
  8. Build a house studio in Paris. I have always wanted a house studio in my local area (Baguio City), but if it seems impossible, I’d love to build it in Paris. It may not be unique as many house studios reside there, but at least I can call it “mine”.
  9. Archery. I tried and failed and now I want to conquer it by mastering its art. “The Art of Archery” and how Robin Hood stole from the rich. Aww, I love that!
  10. Publish a book in 30 languages. I want to publish a book of y own, of course, after the IPMS Local Magazine. And then I want it to be translated into 30 languages and sold all over the world. (Yeah, big dream. Paulo Coelho level dream)
  11. Travel. Thailand, Hawaii, Japan. This year, hoping to go out of the country.
  12. Collect Saber figurines. Because I really love Fate Stay Night.



Someone asked me lately, “Why do you keep on stabbing yourself with people and situations? Is it for enjoyment? Pleasure?”

Whoa. Honestly speaking I don’t know. Just before that question, I told someone “I am right here, ready for you to hurt. Whenever, wherever.”

“Why do you keep on letting people hurt you?” one would ask. And I would smile and whisper in my mind, “so they won’t hurt anybody else.” Is that reasonable enough for you? Would that justify my actions and satisfy your curiosity?

I admit, I am weak at heart. I easily break from sad little things. But I guess I exist to get hurt, to love more than how people loves me, to give more than what people gives anybody else, to serve more than necessary, to do everything more than what others do for people and so much more.

And yes, I rant, I whine, I complain at times. I get too sad and push certain people away from me by saying painful words. I even cry when I am alone. But nobody really knows why. Nobody knows the burden that I carry every time somebody gets hurt. It would be lesser a burden for me if I am the one who’s hurt rather than knowing that someone is in pain.


Ending Chapters


2016: Closing Cycles


Everything in this visible world is a manifestation of the invisible world, of what is going on in our hearts – and getting rid of certain memories also means making some room for other memories to take their place. ~ Paulo Coelho

There are certain chapters that you have to end in your life. Without ending them, you are stuck. You stay in one place, where you’ve always been because you haven’t given any space for something new.

And I think that I have a lot on my plate to end. I just couldn’t put myself to take action on them. Why? Because I have too many fears. Because I have a soft heart and I cannot really take it when people react to sudden changes. But let me count some chapters I ought to end…

Artists-from-you-know-where Chapter. Sad to say I have to bid them farewell. Not because I hate them but because I do not agree with their system and some behaviors. I know I might be acting selfish and they will be a big hit in the near future, but I have to stand firm and strong on my word.

Dark Phase Chapter. So lately I have been the gloomy, moody, emotional gal and that I have shown too much of the frowning me and the lonely me. I want to end it now. I gotta bring back that crazy, cheerful, and energetic kid who sees all the good in people and situations.

Rock Solid Heart Chapter. I have been acting indifferent for the past 2 years. I have been heartless, as others say, and ignorant to other people’s feelings. Oh well, that is, I guess, part of where I stopped focusing on close relationships with people. This year, I’d like to be more socially inclined. Like, I’d like to create traditions with my inner circle and my second inner circle. I have 3 true friends the last time I checked, so I am adding maybe…2 new true friends. Well, hopefully, that is.

Nobody plays this life with marked cards, so sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.
Do not expect anything in return, do not expect your efforts to be appreciated, your genius to be discovered, your love to be understood.~Paulo Coelho

Living through Paulo Coelho’s words, that is exactly what I will be doing. How about you? Have you closed some cycles in your life? What are the chapters in your life that you ended or plan to end?